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EB cadian Sync showcased at CES Asia 2019

A supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry, Elektrobit exhibited its state-of-the-art software for connected and autonomous vehicles at CES Asia.

The company demonstrated EB cadian Sync, a toolchain for software and firmware updates over the air (OTA) that enables car makers to offer “upgradeable” vehicles that allow them to continuously improve vehicle functions and react quickly to security issues.

In addition, car makers can provide updated features at any time during the life of a vehicle, providing greater value to their customers as well as new sources of revenue.

EB cadian Sync is the result of EB’s decade-long expertise in the AUTOSAR operating system, automotive security, backend operations and vehicle diagnostics. In addition to AUTOSAR, EB cadian Sync supports the new Adaptive AUTOSAR operating system—designed for autonomous vehicles—as well as Linux and QNX.

A significant benefit of EB cadian Sync for OEMs is that it enables them to create new business models and revenue streams, while reducing update cycles and mitigating software-related recalls. It easily allows car makers to keep their fleets up to date, regardless of size.

Source: Press release


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