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Eggcyte brings personal cloud device to Jaguar Land Rover connected car

Published: November 19, 2015 | Los Angeles, CA

Eggcyte, the personal cloud device today at the Connected Car Expo in Los Angeles, CA, they partnered up with luxury auto brands Jaguar Land Rover and its “Innovation Incubator” to bring their technology to consumers. The company also announced they received an undisclosed investment from Jaguar.

The Jaguar Land Rover ‘Innovation Incubator’ project is based in Portland, Oregon, and structured to “encourage, promote and support new software-based automotive technologies that are being developed by US technology start-ups.”


The company is co-founded by former Intel engineer Thomas Martis and built the Egg out of his mission to protect and control ones’ content and eliminate potential hacking at and intrusion from Cloud-based services.

Since our first look at the prototype in 2014, and again at CES 2015, the device had grown out of its shell as they successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign of $100,000 and fully launched the product to the marketplace.

The company has also raised an undisclosed amount of fund from Tucson-based Desert Angels as well as an investment from Jaguar, Martis said. They begin to ship customer orders out this month.

The Egg works as a self-configuring personal web server that allows users to import photos, videos and other content from any device with a USB port and share content with approved mobile devices, and now cars.

The device is based on the Intel Atom-platform is password protected and the content can be accessed through the iOS and Android apps, on-board personal website or locally via on-board Wi-Fi hotspot or USB cable. The Egg has a 2.5” touchscreen, can store 64GB, 128GB or 256GB, battery life ranges from 10-12 hours, and its now available in different colors.

The company recently partnered up with REI and Brookstone as retail partners and the device can also be purchased at Amazon or on their site and have plans to work with other car companies.

Source: Arizona Technology News


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