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Expanding its blockchain initiatives into the automotive industry, SinglePoint acquires ShieldSaver

SinglePoint has acquired ShieldSaver expanding its blockchain initiatives into the automotive industry. ShieldSaver is a technology company disrupting the automotive repair and maintenance industry. The company has unique permissions—through contracts with multiple companies—to enter locations that are typically off limits, obtain critical vehicle data at those locations, and then make contact with vehicle owners regarding needed repairs on their cars.

For instance, ShieldSaver is able to access vehicles parked in airport lots, assess potential repair needs for those vehicles; and then leave information regarding the vehicle’s issues, along with ShieldSaver company contact information, for the vehicle owners.

ShieldSaver’s services will be further augmented by a blockchain solution currently being developed by SinglePoint. Because ShieldSaver is able to obtain physically verified vehicle data, the implementation of blockchain technology will allow the Company to keep a record of issues and repairs for those vehicles and provide key insights and analytics into the histories of individual cars. This will help greatly enhance transparency within the automotive industry when it comes to vehicle history.

By providing a solution in which all parties, from mechanics to insurance agencies to dealers, can contribute to the history of a vehicle, ShieldSaver will be able to provide a solution secured by blockchain that is accessible and transparent.


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