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Fiat introduces eco:Drive Mobile and Social community app

Published:April 24, 2014

Fiat’s eco:Drive (the innovative system that gives drivers a better perception of how their driving style influences consumption and the emission of pollutants) has grown through the years and met with considerable success, involving many drivers who want to improve their eco-friendly driving credentials. It was immediately made available on Fiat range models equipped with Blue&Me or Uconnect infotainment systems, on petrol, diesel and methane engine versions, for individuals and fleet managers.

As you drive, eco:Drive collects all information on how you handle the vehicle and its efficiency. The data is processed and the driver can analyse the consumption and emissions on each of their journeys as well as receive advice. From 2012, the eco:Drive Live version has been available – on the 500L, 500L Trekking and 500L living models – allowing users to monitor their driving style in real time on the radio display.

This new solution transfers data to the eco:Drive software and receives feedback on driving style through a smartphone. In this way, one can better understand the parameters that characterise driving style and that can be improved right after having completed a journey. It will also be possible to share results and the awards won from a mobile phone.
Also the new version of the eco:Drive application is being presented to make the eco-driving more fun and exciting. It integrates new social network functions for sharing the results through Facebook and Twitter; for connecting eco:Drive friends and communities by Facebook; for competing with other users and for challenging friends; and for awarding the best eco:Drivers with virtual badges and actual awards.
With these new functions eco:Drive will no longer be only a useful instrument for learning to drive ecologically and economical, but it will also be a means for making driving on everyday journeys fun. Once you have grasped the eco:Driving secrets, you can win a badge for every category in which you excel. Everybody who achieves the best eco:index will receive not only badges that can be shared on their Facebook pages, but will be celebrated as eco:Heros. You can involve and challenge friends or other users of the eco:Drive community with special games. “Virtual GPs” will be promoted by uniting users to launch group challenger (Turin vs Milan, men vs women, etc.) and in this way verify their various aptitudes.

All eco:Drive users are part of eco:Ville, an on-line community that receives data on all the savings made through the commitment of eco:Drivers. The community continues to grow as of today. About 64,000 users have saved a total of 4,300 tons of CO2 improving the efficiency of their personal driving styles. With eco: Drive, Fiat therefore set out to think not only of its own products but also of its own users by encouraging them to help reduce automotive transport-related emissions.4

With eco:Drive Social, you can find friends all over the world, connect with them and share your eco-friendly performance on Facebook or Twitter. All you need to do is download the app from

Source: Fiat



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