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Ford and Vodafone to test new connected vehicle technology

Ford and Vodafone are testing new connected-vehicle technology that could make it easier to find parking spaces in city centres. Parking Space Guidance technology displays to drivers the number of spaces offered by nearby car parks and how to get to them.

The technology, which is updated in real-time based on car park data, is being trialled by Ford and Vodafone as part of the KoMoD (Kooperative Mobilität im digitalen Testfeld Düsseldorf) programme, in Germany, a €15 million cross-industry project testing new connected?vehicle and automated driving technologies.

The features being demonstrated by Ford and Vodafone as part of KoMoD include Traffic Light Assistance System, Tunnel Information System, Vario Display, Traffic Control Systems, Smart traffic sign transmission, Bad weather warning etc.

During demonstration, based on their geolocation the test vehicles received road status and car park information from a central computer system.

Source: Press Release


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