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Ford to deploy C-V2X in all of its new vehicle models in the US beginning 2022

Ford will deploy cellular vehicle-to-everything technology (C-V2X)? in all of its new vehicle models in the United States beginning in 2022, according to a post on Medium by Don Butler, executive director, Ford Connected Vehicle Platform and Product.

The move to deploy this technology builds on company’s prior commitment to equip every model in the United States with conventional cellular connectivity by the end of 2019.

C-V2X will work with Ford Co-Pilot360™, advanced suite of driver-assist and safety features standard across North America on new passenger cars, SUVs and trucks, including F-150, going forward.

The company is working with industry and government organizations to create such a technology-neutral environment that can live up to its full potential if many vehicles on the road as well as roadside infrastructure take advantage of it.

The automaker has also called other automakers, infrastructure and road operators, as well as government agencies to work with it to accelerate momentum for C-V2X.

Source: Medium


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