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Groupe PSA offers owners of Citroën C4 and DS 4 to take part in the V2X tests

Groupe PSA is offering owners of Citroën C4 and DS 4 a chance to test V2X functions on several roads in France. People owning the mentioned cars in Ile-de-France, Brittany, Isère, Champagne-Ardenne, and Bordeaux can participate in the tests by registering on the company’s website.

The test is part of the SCOOP project, launched in 2014. SCOOP is a French pilot intelligent transport system that aims to enhance road safety and improve traffic management, making it a key step in autonomous and connected vehicle deployment.

The project consists of testing V2X standards in real on-road conditions. Data exchange involves “onboard units” – the car is fitted with a modem, two antennas and software – and “road-side units”, which are connected to traffic management centers. More than 2,000 kilometers of French roads are being equipped; the current project’s perimeter covers 15 use cases.

The design and validation procedures for SCOOP system are similar to those for a series-production vehicle; the existing interface already integrates the SCOOP alerts.

Information sharing is compliant with data protection rules and cybersecurity standards; the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) has vetted the project. SCOOP’s appeal is that it has established a common language among many stakeholders that are mentioned below:

  • Carmakers (Groupe PSA and Renault), which are involved in the project and are fitting the connected vehicles with the onboard units;
  • Regional road infrastructure departments (Aquitaine, Ouest, Isère, Ile de France) and a motorway concession holder (Sanef), which are installing the road-side units;
  • Several suppliers of vehicle and roadside systems, which are also contributing to the project;
  • A telecom operator (Orange), which is ensuring the continuity of communication on the various networks;
  • The French Ministry of Transport, which is coordinating the entire SCOOP project.

Groupe PSA is working on several avenues for the rollout of V2X communication, whether through the SCOOP project or as part of the C-V2X project launched recently in partnership with Qualcomm.


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