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HARMAN HD Map Updates for Connected Vehicles

HARMAN has announced a new product – Smart Delta for Maps for connected vehicles. This new product will allow car manufacturers to push new HD Maps updates in greater frequency, so drivers can benefit from up-to-date information, such as available parking spots or recent road works in near real-time.

The new product, which is part of the company’s Over-The-Air (OTA) solution aims to resolve major challenges Smart Delta for Maps face currently – limited size updates, and difficulties in updating over intermittent LTE or Wi-Fi Coverage. HARMAN’s new solution can reduce the size of a map update to 2.5% of the original size of the full map image in a failsafe and secure manner. HARMAN has re-engineered the update process, which typically take days, to occur near real-time with this new product.

According to the company, maps can take upwards of 8 to 20GBs of data but HARMAN’s new Smart Delta for Maps can seamlessly integrate with a map provider’s OTA service, allowing the OEM to leverage this new technology and continuously keep their customers’ Navigation System up-to-date. Irrespective of the frequency of the map update releases and location, Smart Delta technology enables automotive OEMs and map companies to provide up-to-date map content across fleets and to multiple individual customers regardless of the OTA solution they use.

Source: Press Release


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