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Harman connected car platform for intelligent cockpit

HARMAN International has brought technology from concept to reality with the unveiling of its industry leading intelligent cockpit, powered by HARMAN’s compute platform, an end-to-end system that is an increasingly more powerful and intelligent computer designed to integrate the instrumentation cluster and safety features.

Harman Android System

The system supports an integrated digital assistant and car-to-home IoT functionality, as well as augmented reality navigation. The advanced, comprehensive end-to-end solution offers automakers the ultimate opportunity to customize specific feature content for production readiness within the next 2 to 3 years. HARMAN will showcase the functionality during CES 2017.

The compute platform runs on HARMAN’s LIVS (Life-Enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solution) suite, the industry’s most advanced connected car and cloud platform designed to improve driver efficiency while minimizing driver distraction and vehicle complexity. The platform, is the industry’s most complete end-to-end system to provide vehicle cockpit harmonization and intelligent connectivity for more adaptable and personalized user experiences in the car. The system features an object detection suite, coordinated displays, a telematics control unit as well as multi-display system processing.

The HARMAN technology on display is designed to seamlessly connect the vehicle to relevant systems to save drivers time and improve their connected lifestyle user experience – in and out of the car. Today’s consumer is focused on technology innovations and according to Autotrader, 65 percent of consumers are willing to switch car brands to get the technology features they want.

HARMAN is enabling automakers to keep pace with consumer demand for connected user experiences in the car with the following connected car innovations:

Driver Assistance/ADAS Technologies:

Augmented Reality Navigation: Technology blends live-motion video with graphics to provide drivers with a clearer understanding of the road ahead and visual cues for complex intersections. The solution enables a safer, more efficient user experience and provides real time driving data such as traffic flow, accident reporting, construction updates, and real-time road hazards.
Object Detection Suite: Technology designed to alert drivers to all things on the road. The suite includes: front, rear and surround view cameras, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blind spot detection and headway monitoring warning.

Intelligent Personalization:

Intelligent Digital Personal Assistant: Allows drivers to schedule appointments and makes proactive suggestions such as the best time to get gas based on the day’s schedule
Car-to-Home Automation: Keeps your car and home connected for convenience and simplicity, allowing the driver to control their home’s lighting and thermostat from the car
User Experience

Cockpit Harmonization:

Designed to put the driver’s user experience at forefront with seamless integration of the center console and instrument cluster allowing for personalization.
Telematics Control Unit: Drivers can use the unit to perform OTA software updates for any electronic control unit located in the car.
Multi-Camera System Processing:Integration of 360 degree camera views to provide drivers with awareness of their full surroundings and ability to run multiple displays. The system also monitors, records and assesses the surroundings of the vehicle to generate content via the cluster display.


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