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Honda Connect to leverage IBM Watson for new services in India

It has been reported that Honda Cars India is collaborating with IBM Watson IoT. The purpose behind this collaboration is using IBM Cloud for ‘Honda Connect’, Honda’s connected car platform. At present tie up is for Honda’s India operations, in future, it might be extended to other markets as well.

IBM Watson IoT Automotive video from YouTube

Earlier too both the companies have worked together for R&D and manufacturing. Honda recently had used IBM Watson IoT technology for monitoring and analysing data from more than 160 sensors in Formula One (F1) cars.But this collaboration is local to start with and will be focussed on Indian market only for now.

With projections of around 30 billion connected devices by 2020 and connected cars being a significant part of these, it has become important for the companies to create a platform, and an ecosystem, to manage this scale.

Honda using Watson IoT will enhance its existing Honda Connect platform and offer newer features around convenience, service booking, history, and safety and security like trip analysis and locate car.

Although a grim picture was being painted about connected car market in India, the things are gathering momentum of late. The companies are recognising the opportunities in India and are taking steps in this direction.

Recently we saw strategic agreement between Microsoft and Tata Motors, according to which Tata Motors will leverage Microsoft’s connected vehicle technologies that bring together artificial intelligence (AI), advanced machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities on the global hyper-scale Azure cloud, to offer highly personalised service to the Indian customers. TATA had even showcased its start-up innovation ‘RACEMO, which pledges to create a new benchmark in the industry for connected vehicles.

 Editors Note: Its almost year and half (Dec’15) since Honda Connect was launched in India, the reviews available on public domain are not very encouraging. Looking at the partnership with IBM Watson IoT for Automotive, it seems they are going in for replacement of their software tools for services and diagnostics.

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