Connected Vehicle

Hyundai developing technology that will allow customers to make payments using their car’s infotainment screen

Hyundai is developing technology that will allow customers to find and pay for coffee, gas and parking using their car’s infotainment screen. In the future, Hyundai will connect cars with popular brands using its new partner, Xevo, to bring in-vehicle payment to customers.

Xevo is a leader in data-driven user experiences for the automotive industry. Their groundbreaking product is Xevo Market, a merchant-to-driver commerce platform that uses the vehicle’s infotainment screen. Xevo Market launched at the end of 2017 and is already available in millions of vehicles.

Initially, Market will let Hyundai owners find and pay for coffee, fuel and parking. These services could expand to restaurant reservations, order-ahead takeout food, curbside pick-up and EV charging, all from the convenience of a Hyundai vehicle.

Xevo also will help create the Hyundai Wallet payment platform that securely stores the customer’s credit cards or PayPal account information. These experiences and features will comply with industry distracted driving guidelines.  Some of these features may not be available when the car is being driven.


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