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IOTA Smart City Development Competition with Groupe Renault, and supporting organizations

IOTA Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and permissionless ecosystem development, has announced its Smart City Hackathon.

At the heart of the contest is the opportunity for developers from around the globe to solve inter-city challenges submitted by a variety of corporate entities.

Hosted by, and supported by Groupe Renault, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, Birdz, Sopra Steria , Tech Mahindra, Future State CoFoundery, City of Austin (Transportation Department), and Norske Helsehus.

IOTA’s distributed ledger Tangle technology will be used by participants to develop innovative IoT/M2M and data driven concepts for the smart city environment for an opportunity to win over $10,000 in prizes.

All submissions will be facilitated via Using this information and the IOTA DLT Tangle, participants will be given until April 6 to develop open source solutions.

Winners will be announced via a press release in April 13. Judges will include representatives from Birdz, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, Groupe Renault and Sopra Steria. To begin the competition, participants will first be matched with a specific smart city challenge for them to solve, including initiatives based on the following themes:

1. Smart Mobility – How can vehicles engage in transactional data for things like fleet infrastructure and predictive maintenance
Sponsored by: Groupe Renault
Supporting sponsor: City of Austin (Transportation Department)

2. Smart Energy – How can we trace the green origin of electricity from source to delivery
Sponsored by: VEOLIA Birdz
Supporting sponsor: Tech Mahindra

3. Smart Buildings – Enhancing the performance of commercial buildings and attractiveness for tenants
Sponsored by: ENGIE Lab CRIGEN
Supporting sponsor: Norske Helsehus

4. Smart Districts – Developing integrated approaches for IoT and data infrastructure within cities
Sponsored by: Sopra Steria
Supporting sponsor: FutureState CoFoundery

The competition is open to anyone. Submissions can be done in teams. Participants are asked to design open source code to create value, solutions, business models, and/or building blocks that can make the below themes tangible through the various sponsors of the IOTA Smart City Competition.

Source: Press Release


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