Connected Vehicle

Kymeta’s connected car satellite antenna internet technology

Bill Gates-backed Kymeta has announced that its 20 cm mTenna satellite antenna subsystem module (ASM) for the consumer connected car industry, successfully connected to the Intelsat S.A. satellite constellation. This successful test continues Kymeta’s progress toward bringing high throughput, secure mobile connectivity to the automotive industry and follows the partnership announced with Toyota Motor Corporation at the North American International Auto Show in 2016.


Currently, the only way to take advantage of High Throughput Satellites (HTS) is with a large, traditional satellite dish with moving parts. The Kymeta satellite solution will eliminate the need for a gimbaled dish and provide terabyte level capacity to cars allowing broadband level connectivity even in areas that have no terrestrial coverage.

The test is the first step in making a connected car its most secure and connected at a global scale. This successful testing was conducted with Intelsat, provider of satellite services, which has a partnership agreement with Kymeta to enable satellite connectivity for the auto industry.


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