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Luxoft Holding PELUX 1.0, a base development platform for automotive software development available on Open Source

The automotive division of Luxoft Holding has launched PELUX 1.0, a base development platform designed to provide the building blocks for automotive software development projects, which is now available on Open Source.

PELUX 1.0 was developed from Luxoft’s PELUX software suite, which for over four years helped carmakers and tier one suppliers to develop converged automotive systems for infotainment, autonomous driving, body control and communication.

PELUX 1.0 leverages well known open source projects such as Linux, Yocto and GENIVI in order to provide a base development platform. The platform is complemented with project blueprints and documentation that provides a state of the art development experience in embedded Linux device creation, tailored specifically to automotive needs.

Luxoft Automotive’s PELUX team also leverages Agile ways of working and smart integration concepts enabling carmakers to build next generation in-vehicle infotainment systems and accelerate HMI development projects.


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