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Malaysia: Caterpillar launches VisionLink 2.7 for remote fleet management


Malaysia: According to a recent news, construction and mining equipment manufacturer Caterpillar has unveiled its VisionLink 2.7 mobile application for Malaysian construction players to remotely monitor fleet and equipment site operations.

As part of the Caterpillar’s Cat Product Link solution, the VisionLink 2.7 is said to provide an optimized mobile web application with highly intuitive user interface, that remotely monitor the data from the whole fleet, then zoom in for a detailed look at individual assets. The mobile application is currently available on iOS, BlackBerry, Android/Chrome and Windows operating systems.

According to Jeff Fitch, sales and marketing manager of Caterpillar Construction Technology and Solutions Asia Pacific, Caterpillar customers in Malaysia have exacting standards when it comes to the management of their assets.

Fitch said: “There are early adopters of technology who understand the difference that accurate and timely information can do to improve the utilization of their equipment, and ultimately their profitability.”

Enhanced Functionalities for Greater Operation Efficiency

As per the source, VisionLink 2.7’s introductory functionality enables viewing the assets location on a map, track scheduled services, viewing fault codes and open alerts, and accessing idle, working and runtime through a smartphone. Leveraging the existing onboard payload systems for wheel loaders and off-highway trucks, its new productivity functionality can remotely monitor information such as total payload moved per day, total payload per hour and per unit of fuel.

In addition, VisionLink® provides timely visibility to the information that business users need through daily, weekly and monthly reports scheduled in advanced and delivered via email to decision makers.

Fitch added: “As a world leading construction equipment brand, Caterpillar constantly improving our asset monitoring and management systems to empower our customers in the thriving construction and quarrying industries.”

Yoong Kee Sin, Senior Vice-President of Strategy, said: “The new product can monitor total payload per day as well as total payload per hour and per unit of fuel, as well as enables viewing asset location in a map, tracking scheduled services, viewing fault codes and open alerts, and accessing idle, working and run time through a smartphone.”





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