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Mercedes-Benz Cars and Telefónica Deutschland establish the 5G network for automobile production

Together with telecommunications company Telefónica Deutschland and network supplier Ericsson, Mercedes-Benz Cars is putting in place the 5G mobile network for automobile production in its “Factory 56” in Sindelfingen.

As part of an innovation project that extends over an area of more than 20,000 m2, the 5G mobile communications standard is being implemented for the first time into the running production. The experience gained there will be actively incorporated into plans for future implementation in other plants.

By putting this milestone in place, the cooperation partners are ensuring that the 5G standard of the future becomes reality for Germany as an industrial base. The 5G network is being installed by telecommunications company Telefónica Deutschland in collaboration with network supplier Ericsson.

Once installation and commissioning are completed, the network will be operated by Mercedes-Benz Cars.
Mercedes Benz with this is taking digitalisation in production to a whole new level that opens up completely new production opportunities.

Source: Press Release


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