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Mojio to deliver a suite of connected car solutions to T-Mobile Polska

Mojio has partnered with T-Mobile Polska, to power Smart Car. As part of the agreement, Mojio will deliver a suite of telco-grade connected car solutions – including its cloud platform service and mobile apps for iOS and Android – to T-Mobile Polska.

According to the press release, the operator will offer its nearly 11 million subscribers an affordable upgrade, regardless of their car’s make or model, through the combination of the Smart Car OBD-II device and the T-Mobile Tracker app for iOS and Android devices.

This is Mojio’s fourth deployment within the Deutsche Telekom family in Europe, with T-Mobile Polska joining Telekom Deutschland, T-Mobile Austria and T-Mobile Czech Republic. On a global scale, Mojio has now deployed nine operator-branded IoT services, representing more than 800,000 connected cars in six countries across North America and Europe.

Mojio’s team has developed scalable solutions that unlock immediate subscription revenue, facilitate valuable net-adds to the network and help reduce customer churn.

As part of its value-added offerings, Mojio partners with operators to define, design and deploy go-to-market strategies that enhance all aspects of the customer journey, while also delivering specialized services across product management, marketing, merchandising, sales training and customer care.

Source: Press Release


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