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Molex, Accenture and Amazon Web Services join hands

Molex has joined hands with Accenture and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring edge computing and voice assistant capabilities to the Molex Automotive Ethernet Network Platform.

Molex’s collaboration with Accenture and AWS addresses the growing requirements for safe and secure software-enabled features in autonomous vehicles. Together companies are expanding Molex’s custom gateway solution to include on-board diagnostics with edge analytics that can grow and evolve in functionality, compute power and performance, such as predictive maintenance, meeting critical safety requirements and maintaining network integrity – all of which can be accessed by users through the successful deployment of Amazon Alexa.

These new digital enhancements to the Platform, according to the company, offer essential autonomous vehicle performance and communication functionality for automotive OEMs.

The Molex platform is an Ethernet-based vehicle connectivity system with a multi-zone architecture across hardware, software and interconnect cabling systems. It delivers a computing solution that utilizes AWS IoT Greengrass machine learning functionality to enhance capabilities such as diagnostics, security and enhanced end-user experience.

Source: Press Release


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