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Molex announces enhanced automotive Ethernet network platform

Molex has announced the next evolution of its 10 Gbps Automotive Ethernet Network Platform designed to support OEMs in the development and design of autonomous vehicles.

The solution claims to offer a complete vehicle connectivity ecosystem delivering seamless multi-zone integration across multiple hardware, software and interconnect cabling systems, with the flexibility to incorporate legacy automotive protocols as well as scalability for future upgrades.

According to the company, the enhanced capabilities are:

> Automotive Ethernet network platform will allow the platform to run multiple virtual machines and applications simultaneously, giving automakers more flexibility, while also providing encryption and certification technology for a more layered and secure network. Safety enhancements include new multi-zone, fail-functional, and redundancy capabilities.

> Molex USB Hubs and Media Modules support wired and wireless device-to-vehicle connectivity needs. It offers scalable power delivery solutions to meet growing popularity of USB Type C. The design considers cascading USB hubs via USB and Ethernet to optimize multiple devices connecting from the front to the back of the car.

> The company’s HSAutoGig high-speed Ethernet solution according to the company is designed for greater vehicle autonomy, and will deliver 20 Gbps+ data speeds with a reliable interface necessary to seamlessly connect smart-sensor systems and Ethernet network platforms. The high-speed HFMä FAKRA Mini Coaxial Cable Solution is designed to perform up to 20 GHz supporting autonomous and connected vehicle technologies.

Molex also informed that working for the development of ADAS, Infotainment and Connectivity Enhancement, the company will continue to invest in the connected mobility ecosystem through internal innovation and ongoing and new collaborations with the automotive industry’s technology service and solution providers including Accenture, Allgo, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Aquantia, BlackBerry (QNX and Certicom), Broadcom, Cypress, Excelfore, Laird CVS, Microchip, Texas Instruments, and Rosenberger.

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