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Molex joins Networking for Autonomous Vehicles (NAV) Alliance

Molex has joined the Networking for Autonomous Vehicles (NAV) Alliance to collaborate with other industry leaders in the development and adoption of next-generation multi-gig Ethernet automotive networking.

Molex is known to be a supplier of high-speed Ethernet networking solutions, including gateways, switches, connectors, and cable assemblies. The company has also developed a platform aimed at providing automotive OEMs with a complete connectivity ecosystem delivering seamless multi-zone vehicle integration across multiple hardware and software systems, with the flexibility to incorporate legacy automotive protocols and scalability for future upgrades.

Founded by Aquantia, Bosch, Continental, NVIDIA, and the Volkswagen Group of America, the NAV Alliance is dedicated to defining procedures and specifications to ensure the interoperability, security, and reliability of the network architecture for autonomous vehicles.

The NAV Alliance also provides a platform for the automotive industry to create innovative in-vehicle network infrastructure solutions for autonomous vehicles and facilitate wide deployment of networking technologies and products.

Source: Press Release


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