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“MyCarMyData”: German ADAC supports campaign to data ownership for connected vehicles

Published: November 26, 2015 | Munich

The ADAC supports the campaign “MyCarMyData” of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) for passenger privacy. The International Federation of motorists, who represents 111 automobile clubs with 38 million members, calls for the self-determination of motorists on data exchange with networked vehicles. In addition, the consumer car-related services, which often data is transferred should be able to choose regardless of manufacturer.

Modern cars are propelled Computer: All data are generated, which are then displayed on the driver’s part, but are often also sent directly to manufacturer – without any conscious knowledge of the driver. Inform, for example, on the technical condition of a car, or even on the driveability of the car arm. The manufacturer of this data is often passed on to service providers who are active, for example, in an accident or a breakdown, create maintenance reminders or send individually tailored insurance quotes.


This endangers the consumer choice. At the request of the vehicle owner not only motorists, but also independent workshops and breakdown helpers should have access to passenger data. On the other hand holders and drivers should also have the option to turn off the data transfer. Johann Grill, Head of Consumer Protection at ADAC and Chairman in the FIA ??Policy Commission: “The driver must have the data sovereignty over his car and be free to determine whether and what data it represents the manufacturer. He also must be able to choose freely services around the ability to drive his car. “

In a Europe-wide survey with over 12,000 participants, the FIA ??has found that 95 percent of respondents call for legislation for the transfer of data to and from a car. 91 percent of respondents would like to have the ability to disable the communication. 92 percent want so can choose related deals for car services vendor-independent.

Of the approximately 1,000 motorists surveyed in Germany stated 70 percent, to be familiar with networked vehicles (by European standards: 54 percent). At the same time the willingness of Germans to data dissemination is the highest compared to roadside assistance (84 percent), followed by local workshops (73 percent), automakers (61 percent) and app providers (21 percent).

Source: ADAC


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