Connected Vehicle

Neura release solutions for two new solutions for Connected Car and Transportation


Neura the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for user awareness has released of two new solutions – Neura for Connected Car and Neura for Transportation. The new solutions enable parking, airline and commute apps to interact with users in the moment. Meanwhile, connected car products address driver safety and situation awareness, while providing a more personalized experience for all the passengers in the car.

Neura enables companies launching upgraded connected cars and transportation apps to fully understanding who each user is, then anticipate and adapt to their needs throughout the day. This data is critical for apps and vehicles to respond to physical world variables such as a driver that has had little sleep or a carpool with several people with very different music tastes.

As with all new solutions, Neura has conducted extensive testing with partners and customers to determine the best offerings for each solution based on market need and in what ways Neura’s physical world user awareness can meet these requirements.



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