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Noffz- new multi-device test system to cut the time and cost of testing e-Call modules

Published: August 24, 2015

A new multi-device test system promises to cut the time and cost of testing the telematics modules that will be installed in millions of new European cars in the next few years. Known as the Noffz UTP 9010 End-of-Line Tester, the new station promises to slash test times on the so-called European e-Call modules by more than 30%. The availability of such a system is said to be important because the European Union is calling for installation of the e-Call modules in every new car — more than 12 million per year — by 2018.

The new system will be used for board-level end-of-line testing by Harman/Becker Automotive Systems GmbH, a major manufacturer of automotive infotainment platforms. The UTP 9010 speeds the process by doing a functional test, infotainment test, and RF test on four devices simultaneously. To accomplish that, it brings up 80 needles that make contact from underneath the four devices, enabling them to measure audio, voltage, and current, among other parameters. A key to the development of the system was Noffz’s work with National Instruments (NI) and its use of NI’s Wireless Test System (WTS). The WTS, built on NI’s PXI hardware platform, is targeted at multi-DUT and multi-port testing.

Engineers from Noffz and NI, expects the new test technology to play an important role in the production of the e-Call modules. The modules, which autonomously call emergency services in the event of an auto accident, have been mandated by the European Union because they are said to reduce emergency response times by about 40%.

Source: Design News



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