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NXP Semiconductors announces a new automotive platform for connected, electric and autonomous cars

NXP has announced a new automotive processing platform that would help bring the future vehicles to market faster. NXP S32 is an all-new control and compute concept for connected, electric and autonomous cars. It is being claimed that the platform gives ten times the performance of today’s best performing safe automotive platform and addresses the challenges of future car development with a host of architectural innovations. It reduces software development effort by 90 percent within application domains, and by more than 40 percent across application domains. It delivers new levels of automotive safety, security, and Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities.

NXP S32 Automotive Processing Platform v1
NXP Semiconductors announces an all new control and compute concept for connected, electric and autonomous cars

The  platform has many features to support future car development, some of these are listed below:

  • Over-the-Air Updates – The S32 platform allows zero downtime OTA capability with full roll back options to any S32 enabled car domains via a secure gateway and common domain architecture.
  • Security –  The S32 platform brings the best of NXP’s core security concepts across new SoCs launched in the S32 family, offering scalable solutions that are the benchmark for the automotive industry.
  • A common IP set provides a consistent development environment via the S32 SDK. This allows development efforts to be shared across domains and eliminates duplication of multiple software modules.
  • Application-specific IP on each microcontroller gives tailored hardware support for key domain requirements like secure gateway, radar, powertrain and motor control.
  • A unique technology independent architecture – The complete redesign of NXP IP across the microcontroller families has forged common functionality across technology nodes and consistent hardware and software behavior.
  • Scalability across products – The S32 platform encompasses broadest-in-industry range of performance from small low power Arm Cortex-M, Real Time optimized Cortex-R and highest performance Cortex-A class performance classes, with ASIL D capability at each performance level.
  • Artificial Intelligence  The S32 platform will support a range of AI accelerators targeting ADAS applications. These will accelerate algorithms to support functions, such as object detection and classification in the areas of vision, radar and sensor fusion.

The company has also informed that 8 of the top 15 car makers have already adopted NXP S32 platform for upcoming models.



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