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Populus raises $3.1M

Populus has announced that it has raised $3.1M in funding to help cities plan for the future of mobility.

Populus is a platform through better data and analytics helps cities and private mobility operators deliver safe, equitable, and efficient streets. The platform integrates data on shared services (carsharing, ride-hailing, bikeshare and scooters) to plan for the future of transportation.
The company was founded just over a year ago by experts on shared mobility and advanced transportation modeling from MIT and UC Berkeley.

In mid-2018, the company launched Populus Mobility Manager, a platform that is now ingesting real-time data from shared scooters, bikes, and cars, for leading cities and mobility operators.

The company is giving access to the transportation planners information about where new shared mobility services are being used. This makes them better able to reallocate precious public space for them, as well as guide them towards improving transportation for everyone.

Populus is also pioneering new tools that allow fleet operators of shared cars to report their utilization of city curbs so that cities and operators can partner to design more efficient access and use of them to improve the flow of traffic. Many shared mobility operators have reached an inflection point. In order to sustain their growth, and eventually achieve profitability, they will need a platform like Populus to help cities give private operators the space (literally) to grow.

With this new round of funding, the company plans to scale our platform that would help the public sector and mobility operators collaborate.

Source: Populus on Medium


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