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Qualcomm to showcase AI intuitive in-vehicle experiences

Qualcomm Technologies will showcase artificial-intelligence (AI) intuitive in-vehicle experiences for next generation vehicles at CES 2019.

Utilizing the natural language processing and speech recognition capabilities offered by Amazon Alexa, the company plans to exhibit how the capabilities of highly intuitive voice-based experiences, such as in-car virtual assistance and natural interactions between the vehicle and driver, can transform in-vehicle experiences for next generation vehicles.

Qualcomm Technologies will also feature Amazon Music, Prime Video, Fire TV and Audible services as a part of the in-vehicle demonstration.

Leveraging the Qualcomm® Smart Audio Platform, the demo is designed to include natural language instructions involving in-vehicle navigation, points of interest and multimedia services consistent with everyday home interactions with Alexa.

Qualcomm Smart Audio Platform provided the basis for a new Alexa Voice Service (AVS) development kit that launched in 2018. According to the company, the platform delivers always-ready wake-word detection for highly responsive and precise voice activation, integrated Hi-Fi audio playback and post-processing algorithms for premium sound quality as well as advanced application processing capabilities for a customizable and responsive user experience.

Source: Press Release


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