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Russian automaker LADA makes ERA GLONASS standard in the all new VESTA model

Published: September 26, 2015 | Moscow, Russia

The LADA Vesta has become the first production car in Russia carrying the emergency “ERA-GLONASS” system, that is designed in case of a crash or an emergency to automatically locate the vehicle and send SOS signals through mobile networks to the rescue service or police. Information transmitted contains the exact coordinates, time and severity of the accident, as well as the VIN-number of the car. The driver can send a signal himself by clicking the appropriate button. “ERA-GLONASS” works even in case of a car electrical power malfunction.


AVTOVAZ being the leader of the Russian automotive industry, is the first to implement an emergency ERA-GLONASS system to its cars that is a standard equipment for all versions of LADA Vesta. Read more about ERA GLONASS here.

Alexander Gurko, President of the non-commercial partnership “GLONASS” welcomed the fact that LADA Vesta became the first production car, that received a certificate of compliance with the Technical Regulations. ERA-GLONASS on mass models is the next important stage of development of the national project. All owners of this car with the device on board get not only a free emergency response service, but also become potential users of a variety of additional services for motorists, which we will develop.

“ERA-GLONASS” State system was put into commercial operation January 1, 2015. The Russian system is harmonized with the similar European system, which is set to launch in 2018.

Source: LADA


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