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Scania and Sony merge wearable computing and automotive with Scania Watch

Published: December 16, 2014 | Södertälje, Sweden 

Scania is taking a lead in the wearable technology market with the release of the new Scania Watch powered by Sony. The device clearly demonstrates how companies can benefit from the trend to fuse fashion with technology.


“Wearables” is the term used for clothing and accessories that incorporate computers and other advanced electronic technologies. It’s a hot new trend, yet experts say many organisations are struggling to find ways to use it to add value to their goods and services.

As Marina Koytcheva, from mobile communication analysts CSS, said earlier this year: “The wearables market is in its Stone Age right now. There needs to be huge improvements to broaden their appeal. The market is still in a chaotic stage of development, and there’s still a huge amount of uncertainty.”

Scania’s aim for the watch was in fact to develop technology that will be the driver’s friend. And Lövgren believes this is exactly what the watch has achieved. “What we have done with the watch is find a much better application of wearable technology than we have seen before,” he says. “It really gives the driver a good view of his daily work. And I really believe that all the benefits that drivers will get from this watch will show that it is exactly the right use for wearable technology.”

Mattias Lundholm is Head of Scania’s Connected Services and Solutions team, which is the Scania team behind the watch. While wearables use is still in its early stages and market awareness is low, Mattias thinks it is essential for Scania to get involved in the segment.

“We’re sitting on a lot of data,” he says. “And we thought, ‘how can we use this data outside the normal contexts?’. We also wanted to test new media, and wearables fit right into this. I don’t think there is any risk at all in launching this watch. I think we would have taken a risk by not launching it, as our competitors may launch similar things and then two or three years down the line we would be left behind. Now we are being proactive.”

The first version is being launched as a limited edition of 999 watches, called the Black Griffin. Scania will continue to develop the device, improving usability and adding new functions via software downloads. Scania and Sony Mobile aim to add further features to the next version of watch and are already thinking about what these may be.

Watch out the product video for more information!

Source: Scania


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