Smart Mobility

Nissan Futures presents future mobility trends

At Nissan Futures event in Hong Kong government representatives, industry leaders and Nissan executives spoke on the future of mobility and the future of cities.

It brought forward three mobility trends for the Asia and Oceania region which are mentioned below:

• Vehicles as mobile energy units
Panelists discussed whether the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) could lie in reimagining usage from just a mode of transportation, to a means to power homes and return energy to the grid.

• Humans still need to form the center of car and future technology interactions
Current autonomous vehicle discussions largely center on technology. Participants however agreed that humans will still hold the key to transforming mobility and our cities.

• Next frontier for smart mobility: zero fatalities
The Future of Mobility panel presented how creating zero accidents and safety should be the main driver behind technology innovations.

Source: Press Release


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