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Spireon awarded patent for its vehicle inventory management technology

Spireon, the vehicle intelligence company, has been awarded a patent for its technology approach to managing an automotive dealership’s vehicle inventory by pairing a tracking device to a vehicle.

Patent number 10,089,598, “Methods and Apparatus for Monitoring and Control of Electronic Devices,” was awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It covers the technology used in Kahu, Spireon’s connected car solution built for dealers. This is the 30th patent secured by Spireon for advanced connected vehicle technologies.

It gives dealers visibility by connecting vehicles to NSpire platform
Kahu’s patented technology allows franchise auto dealers to improve operational efficiency, sales effectiveness, service retention and customer satisfaction scores.

By connecting vehicles to NSpire platform, Kahu gives dealers and dealer groups the visibility they need to effectively manage lots, service customers and improve the bottom line.

Specific use cases supported by the patented technology include:

• Providing location and battery health information for every vehicle across one or more dealerships, including monitoring and reporting of vehicles with low battery charge

• The ability to search and find vehicles using a partial vehicle identification number (VIN), across multiple dealer inventories

• Managing low power behavior of a device

• Device tamper detection and disconnected battery alerts

• Managing lifecycle and inventory of tracking devices

• Integration with a Dealer Management System (DMS) to transfer a device from a dealer to a consumer account

Spireon is one of North America’s leading connected vehicle intelligence company, providing businesses and consumers with powerful insights to track, manage and protect their most valuable mobile assets.


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