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StrongKey joins Infineon Security Partner Network

StrongKey, a company working on enterprise key management infrastructure and bringing new levels of capability and data, has entered into a strategic partnership with Infineon.

As a result of which, StrongKey has become a member of the Infineon Security Partner Network, and will be combining the company’s innovative research and solutions with Infineon’s security technology.

Key benefits include:

• Strong device identity – Using public/private key cryptographic methods, device identity verification becomes extremely secure and tamper-evident

• Turnkey setup – StrongKey’s end-to-end deployment solutions significantly reduce setup time and keep systems running smoothly

• Designed with developers in mind – REST and SOAP webservices, with sample code and clear documentation, enable easy integration and faster time to deployment

• Seamless integration with existing systems – StrongKey’s focus on solving the hard problems and integrating new technologies seamlessly with legacy systems ensures guaranteed delivery

• Open source affordability – An open-source licensing model that delivers unparalleled savings to companies deploying world-class security solutions

Source: Press Release


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