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Tantalum Corporation and AutinGO partner to deliver an automotive repair and maintenance services platform

Tantalum Corporation has partnered with AutinGO to deliver an automotive repair and maintenance services platform to wireless carriers and auto manufacturers in Europe.

Tantalum’s Connected Car platform, integrated seamlessly with the AutinGO marketplace, connects motor vehicles with a nationwide network of over 35,000 automotive service providers in Spain. Future plans include expansions into Italy, France, Portugal and a number of other countries.

The platform allows vehicle owners to request specific services or describe problems they experience with their vehicle, receive hassle-free competitive service pricing from multiple automotive service providers nearby, select providers that best meet their needs and book service appointments.

Vehicles with an illuminated dashboard indicator (e.g. check engine light or oil level) or a maintenance interval due to notice will receive notifications from the Tantalum-AutinGO solution, guiding the vehicle owner to nearby automotive service providers.

In the case of a dashboard indicator, the solution will offer an explanation of the issue along with pricing information from local shops, to help users select and book a service appointment. A history of service is also maintained for the vehicle by the platform.

As the Tantalum-AutinGO platform evolves it will also offer vehicle owners an easier way to pay for these services, through Tantalum’s payment and CRM platform, Pay.Car. Pay.Car is the world’s first dedicated end-to-end billing, payment and data management platform for connected vehicles.


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