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Telit debuts “ATOP 3.5G” for OEM-based connected car applications

Published: June 4, 2014 | United States

Telit Wireless Solutions introduced the new Telit ATOP 3.5G, resulting from the recent acquisition of the Automotive Telematics On-board unit Platform (ATOP) business from  NXP Semiconductors.


The ATOP 3.5G simplifies the development of automotive applications such as road pricing and eCall through integration of all required technologies, including:  3G cellular connectivity for voice and data communication; GPS/GLONASS for location, and near-field communications for driver authentication or to facilitate mobile payments directly from the car. The ATOP 3.5G offers unparalleled processing power via its three onboard processors. Fully backward-compatible with the 2.5G product already on the market from NXP, it  is available in three variants for global network coverage.

In addition, the ATOP 3.5G offers unparalleled processing power, thanks to three onboard processors. An application processor runs Java J9 Virtual Machine for simple code creation and portability. A dedicated interface processor manages vehicle interface using a choice of technologies including CAN, USB, Ethernet, UART and ADC. Plus, the optional SmartMX smartcard CPU with Java card JCOP OS provides embedded, hardware-based security for rock-solid fraud prevention and data integrity, suitable for end-to-end transaction systems requiring Common Criteria level 5+.

“ATOP 3.5G Product Description”

Source Telit Wireless Solutions


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