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Toyota South Africa Motors Rolling-out Connectivity Features and In-car Wi-Fi

Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) is rolling-out connectivity features and in-car Wi-Fi on all new Toyota and Lexus models, in collaboration with partners Altron and Vodacom Business.

Known as Toyota Connect, the new connectivity hub will be housed within the MyToyota App which was launched in 2014. The technology allows Toyota owners access to a myriad of convenience, connectivity and safety benefits.

The benefits of Toyota Connect can be stated as follows:

• Toyota and Lexus will come standard with in-car Wi-Fi – including 15GB free data (SA only) as a once-off upon activation. The customers can top up using Toyota Connect or their banking Apps.

• Service Booking reminds customers when their vehicles are due for servicing, factoring in all the back-end elements when you book directly on the App.

• The Logbook facility automatically saves a digital log of your vehicle’s mileage and service history for tax-submission purposes, including auto-allocation for work and home, as well as business and personal trips.

• The GPS locator gives you peace of mind, enabling you to find your vehicle easily and get a view of your trips.

• There is Roadside Assistance with impact detection – meaning that customers will have real-time support with AA-access for 24/7. The Battery Health Check reflects the real-time status of the customer vehicle’s battery health.

• The Driver Score feature encourages safer driving: customers can review their driver rating and keep track of their scores and overall driver behaviour.

TSAM is currently the only manufacturer in South Africa to offer a mobile App that is fully integrated with manufacturer and dealer systems. It is also the first organisation to offer the convergence of Wi-Fi and connectivity features in one package across the model range.

Through its subsidiary, Netstar, Altron has jointly designed and developed the bespoke technology platform with Toyota, which enables Internet of Things (IoT) aspects such as telematics and fleet management.

Source: Press Release


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