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UK: DAF Trucks selects Intelligent Telematics to test in-vehicle camera solutions

Published: February 27, 2015 | London, UK

Intelligent Telematics has teamed up with DAF Trucks to trial the benefits of vehicle cameras as part of a road safety initiative that will take place in London over the next 12 months. A DAF LF 16-tonne skip loader has been fitted with the latest safety devices and features, including an innovative 3G forward-facing and multi-camera solution, to demonstrate how vehicle operators in the capital can reduce traffic collisions and protect other road users.


The Intelligent Telematics solution includes the IT1000 which is basically a forward-facing camera transmits footage of accidents, near misses and harsh driving via a secure 3G private network to a web-based interface with live email and SMS alerts, so a triggered event can be viewed almost immediately.

Philip Moon, Marketing Manager at DAF Trucks commented, 

“We are working with our customers and industry partners to showcase and raise awareness of the latest vehicle technology. By demonstrating the potential capabilities of available devices and design features, we can encourage adoption and help promote road safety amongst commercial fleet operators.”

The IT1000 forms part of an advanced multi-camera solution that also comprises near side, off side and reverse devices, along with an in-cab monitor and digital video recorder (DVR). The in-cab monitor shows a live view to the driver from the respective camera when either the left or right indicator is flicked-on, reverse gear engaged or the vehicle speed falls below 5mph for the near side camera view to show. In addition, a side detection system using ultrasonic sensors provides warning not only for the driver to adjust their manoeuvre but also to make any adjacent cyclists or pedestrians aware of a turning vehicle.

Source: Intelligent Telematics


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