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Unex partners with Autotalks to implement dual-mode (DSRC/C-V2X) system architecture

Unex is partnering with Autotalks to implement a flexible, cyber-secure and cost-effective dual-mode (DSRC/C-V2X) system architecture. Unex is a provider of V2X systems and Autotalks is a smart car company that specializes in vehicle to vehicle communications in autonomous driving.

Unex’s 2nd generation systems are based on Autotalks’ state-of-the-art CRATON2/PLUTON2 chipset, which supports both DSRC and C-V2X(PC5) in a single System-on-Chip (SoC).

According to the company, the product architecture is completely modular and can be implemented either as a standalone global V2X communication unit, or into a complete Telematics unit as its V2X SOM is a physically isolated global V2X solution. The physical isolation of the V2X subsystem from the cellular NAD is instrumental for ensuring reliable and secure operation of the safety system.

Unex’s V2X SOM is aimed to enable V2X on various Telematics platforms, and implements the isolated global V2X subsystem as in Autotalks-MediaTek joint reference design announced by the companies in MWC 2019.

In addition to hardware modularity, Unex’s 2nd generation claims to enable ease of V2X software development through its homegrown V2Xcast™ technology. Previously, V2X protocol software had to be built and verified per platform per project, resulting in a duplicated effort, risk and cost.

With Unex intuitive V2Xcast™ solution, provides a ready-to-use V2X communication services for V2X applications. By utilizing V2Xcast™, application developers can merely focus on the application development without worrying the underlying communication technology.

Customers can significantly cut time-to-market with less development and testing cost. With single software development effort, customers will be able to deploy Unex’ systems anywhere in the world.

Unex’s product portfolio is designed to meet the rising market demand for easy-to-use DSRC/C-V2X units in infrastructure, intelligent transports, smart cities and to facilitate the development of mass-market solutions.

Source: Press Release


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