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Volkswagen introduces new service “We Experience”

Volkswagen We, the platform that includes individual services such as We Deliver, the We Park app, etc has now a new service called “We Experience”.

To provide personalized recommendations and special offers

Volkswagen introduced this new feature that will provide personalized recommendations and special offers for products and services available in the vicinity of the vehicle. It is activated with the user’s consent locates the vehicle via the user’s smartphone, and identifies relevant offers in the vicinity.

IBM technology

IBM technology is used to deliver tailor-made offers based on users’ individual profiles. A proprietary algorithm developed by IBM gives the user tailor-made recommendations such as tips and deals for restaurants, shops or services which the user then confirms. This is how
“We Experience” learns what offers are user-relevant.


The service rolls out with well-known partners such as Shell, Domino’s or Tank & Rast. The new service will be constantly expanded to include further recommendations and trading partners.

“We Connect” and DataPlug

“We Experience” is available in the “VW Connect” app, a free smartphone app that has been available for iOS and Android operating systems since last year.

A piece of hardware called DataPlug links up the vehicle with “We Connect”.The DataPlug is a standard fit on some Volkswagen models, such as the up!, T-Cross, Polo and Sharan and is compatible with more than ten million Volkswagen vehicles manufactured from 2008.

If it has not already been fitted it can be purchased as an accessory for. The small connector is simply plugged into the onboard diagnosis interface (OBD-2) of the Volkswagen. An encrypted Bluetooth connection is set up between the DataPlug and the smartphone – and the Volkswagen becomes a connected car.

“VW Connect” transmits vehicle data to the smartphone – for example, mileage and tank level, driving style analysis and tips on efficient driving behavior, or the current location. If desired, the app also becomes a digital logbook and offers the user various challenges, such as a certain number of trips at a very low engine speed.

Source: Press Release


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