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Volvo’s car-to-car communication system to be introduced in its top models this year

Published: 6 October 2016

Swedish car giant Volvo is all set to introduce a car-to-car communication system in its top models this year in a maiden move of its kind. Volvo will follow the footsteps of Mercedes Benz and Toyota who have already offered this service in their cars. This system will help the driver to connect and will give him information about the possible hazards on the road like slippery condition or potholed roads.


At the launch of the new V-90 model, Volvo had released the details about its latest cloud-based service earlier in the month. “All vehicles in the 90 series – the S90, V90 and XC90 — will be equipped with it as of the end of this year,” Volvo Senior Vice President for R&D Peter Mertens was reported to be saying.

Mercedes’ car-to –car communication system is already available for its customers of European, U.S. and Chinese markets. Toyota’s technology that debuted last year in Japan, is different from that of Mercedes and Volvo.


Volvo’s communication system will be co-developed by Ericsson and will be helpful for sending messages about slippery road conditions and other road due time. The slippery-road alert is activated based on road-friction information from the car’s steering, braking and acceleration sensors.

“We use a cloud-based system so we don’t need to have a direct link between the vehicles,” Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said while presenting the technology. “It allows us to analyze the information and to look for the ideal distribution to other cars.” A data connection to the internet in the car is required for the system to work.



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