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VW Car-Net Security & Service mobile app to add new features like Curfew Alert, Valet Alert and Parking information

Volkswagen of America, Inc. has announced that its VW Car-Net® Security & Service mobile app will add new features, starting tomorrow. The new features include Curfew Alert and Valet Alert, to notify owners if their vehicles are driven without permission, and Parking Information, powered by Parkopedia, to help owners easily locate off-street parking.

Curfew Alert. Owners can set a Curfew Alert to notify them if their vehicle is driven after a set curfew time. Curfew Alert can be turned on and off in the Car-Net app and when activated, an email or SMS text alert (or both) will be sent to the owner if the vehicle moves.

Valet Alert. When valeting a vehicle, owners can turn on the Valet Alert in the Car-Net app for an added measure of confidence.  Once activated, owners will be notified by email or SMS text alert (or both) if the car goes more than 0.2 miles from the last parked location.

Parking Information. Powered by Parkopedia, the Parking Information feature can help make owners’ lives easier by locating off-street parking information. Through the Navigate tab on the app, users can click the “P” icon to show available parking locations, either in the immediate vicinity or near a Point of Interest. Clicking on a specific location will display the address, hours of operation and pricing. Users can also send the location to their car’s navigation system, if so equipped, by clicking the “Send to My VW” button.

Existing features of the Car-Net app include:

  • Remote: door lock and unlock, honk and flash of lights, last parked location information, and status check (doors and windows)
  • Fuel: check fuel level (gas models); monitor current charge and estimated driving range, turn charging on and off, and access climate control features (e-Golf only)
  • Health: diagnostics and maintenance information, including the vehicle’s warning and indicator lights, Vehicle Health Report, scheduled service notifications, and dealer visit scheduling
  • Navigate: send a location from a connected smart device to the factory-installed compatible navigation system on select models
  • Family Guardian: speed alert (notification when the pre-determined maximum speed limit is exceeded), and boundary alert (notification when the vehicle has traveled outside of a pre-set virtual boundary)

Available in-vehicle Car-Net Security & Service features include:

  • Automatic Crash Notification: help automatically notify an operator who can quickly contact first responders in the event of a collision
  • Manual Emergency Call: quick access to customer specialists at the touch of a button
  • Roadside Assistance: for added peace-of-mind in the event of trouble on the road
  • Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance: uses Car-Net Security & Service to assist law enforcement with locating your vehicle in the event that it is stolen

Customers purchasing new Volkswagen models equipped with VW Car-Net Security & Service will receive a six-month trial subscription from Verizon Telematics that starts on date of the purchase for no additional charge. 

Source: Press Release by Volkswagen


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