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WayRay launches holographic navigation for connected cars in US

Published: December 04, 2015 | Paris

The United States is the first commercial market to receive two innovative telematics devices that apply aerospace technology to land navigation. 

WayRay Navion for the first time brings true augmented reality to driving without the need of clunky eye-wear or headgear that could impair one’s field of vision. A small mini projector that fits on top of any dashboard overlays a holographic image over the windshield of the car. The image overlays the real road with the virtual route line ”” it helps drivers not to refocus their eyes to the windshield or to be distracted by looking to their embedded GPS. The device utilizes gesture and voice control for an effortless driving experience.


WayRay Element is essentially a “wearable for your car.” It plugs into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) connector of any car model after 1992 to track driver performance, trip history, costs, fuel usage, location and the overall health of the automobile. This information is all visualized and made accessible through ones smartphone, tablet or PC. Built into the device is an automated driving coach app that analyzes the data to offer steps for improving driving skills

Orange Business Services is supplying wireless connectivity and service management across WayRay’s entire U.S. fleet. This allows cars employing WayRay Navion and WayRay Element to receive, send, track and display data. The scope of Orange’s international network ensures 24/7 access and quality of service anywhere in the U.S. with an option that would allow WayRay to easily expand to other regions of the world, such as Asia and Europe.

Source: WayRay


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