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Waze now available on IVI systems powered by Abalta’s WebLink software platform

Abalta Technologies, a leading provider of technology and infotainment solutions for the global connected car market has announced that drivers will be able to access Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, on in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems powered by Abalta’s WebLink software platform.

It is known that Waze app consistently recommends the fastest routes based on real-time driving and data from more than 90 million users. From traffic reroutes to low gas price alerts and relevant offers from favorite brands, Waze is one of the most comprehensive driving companions in the marketplace.


In-vehicle devices that feature Waze on WebLink will begin to roll out globally from multiple manufacturers at the end of the year. The company’s partners use Abalta’s WebLink software to create a virtual app screen streamed from a user’s smartphone into their car’s IVI system. Through these devices, WebLink will be one of the first opportunities for drivers in cars not equipped with Android Auto to access Waze through an IVI system.

Abalta brings all the pieces of the connected car experience together in one platform. Using the company’s WebLink solution, carmakers and suppliers can bridge the gap between consumers’ smartphones and vehicle infotainment systems, giving car owners access to all their favorite apps in an easy-to-use, customizable and platform-agnostic environment.

The WebLink Host application from Abalta Technologies will be available for download in the Android Marketplace and Apple App Store. Once the app is downloaded, users can connect to their WebLink-enabled car head-unit to enjoy Waze and other apps.


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