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Xevo’s SmartDeviceLink technology in Toyota vehicles in Japan

Xevo‘s SmartDeviceLink (SDL) smartphone-and-vehicle-linking technology will now available in entry head unit models as an embedded solution in Toyota vehicles in Japan. The technology will also become available in Toyota vehicles around the world over the next two years, according to an announcement by the company.

Incorporating Xevo’s SDL technology allows Toyota to deliver a connected car experience that allows consumers to interact with their favorite apps safely, effectively, and securely while they are on the go.

SDL technology connects a driver’s smartphone with their vehicle, allowing drivers and passengers to access smartphone apps and functions via an interface on the in-vehicle touchscreen.

The Xevo SDL technology is powered by the company’s Journeyware suite, a data-management software solution that offers a personalized consumer driving experience.

Journeyware uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analysis tools to help automakers better understand their customers, making it possible for them to deliver truly personalized driving experiences.

Source: Press Release


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