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XYO partners with DRVR

XYO has entered into a partnership with DRVR. XYO Network is working to create a vast, geospatial, blockchain-powered location network currently under development with the goal to provide accurate, certainty-driven location data on everything from cars to smartphones.

DRVR is a solution provider serving companies managing vehicle fleets, as well as vehicle manufacturers directly. The company combines vehicle and fleet monitoring and data analytics, and is helping to transform the way vehicles and related services are organized and managed.

The partnership and subsequent deployment of XYO-backed Sentinels are expected to leverage location-based data to improve the company’s analytics insights and overall vehicle management.

The partnership, initially centered around location verification Internet of Things (IoT) beacon technology from XYO, promises to dramatically improve fleet analytics to industry-leading levels, while driving down management costs and making the entire system more cost-effective.

DRVR expects the blockchain-enabled data gathering and record-keeping to drive significant new business insight and efficiencies, while maintaining gathered data on a distributed ledger. XYO will provide the decentralization, location data, and distributed oracle capabilities.

Source: Press Release


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