Connected Vehicle

Zubie patrners with iControl to drive innovations in Connected Car & Connected Home

South Carolina, United States:  Zubie, a connected-car service provider focused on maximizing connected-car capabilities for consumers and businesses, today announced its partnership with iControl Networks, a leader in connected home technology and innovation. Together, the two companies will offer consumers “connected lifestyle” solutions in which their home automation, cars and phones are seamlessly integrated into a single customer experience. Zubie is the first and only connected-car developer that is a member of the iControl OpenHome™ Partner Program.

Zubie makes driving safer, easier and less expensive by using vehicle- and driver-centric data collected from a device plugged into a car’s On-Board-Diagnostics (OBD) port. Zubie provides safety alerts, real-time location awareness, and insights into vehicle health and performance. Its proprietary AlwaysSmart™ technology is always on, delivering a total picture of car and driving activity even when the car is not running. iControl enables customers to automate their homes and easily manage home monitoring and security – checking security cameras and sensors, locking and unlocking doors, turning on and off lights, controlling temperature in the home and more.

Through the alliance, consumers will have unified access to and control of their homes, cars and family location features with premier monitoring and automation platforms. For example, the Zubie and iControl partnership will provide a single interface where the monitoring systems “talk,” enabling thermostats to be adjusted automatically when users are out-of-town, and doors unlocked automatically upon arrival at home. A home dashboard will provide real-time display of the location of family members on the road, or can alert users to emergency situations.



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