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Cox Automotive Mobility and Georgia Power advance fleet electrification future with one of the largest EV charging single property installations in the Southeast

Cox Automotive Mobility’s Pivet Atlanta facility, located conveniently between downtown¬†Atlanta¬†and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, completed one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging single property installations in the southeast in collaboration with Georgia Power and EV charging network provider ChargePoint. The groundbreaking¬†Smart Technology Project, which includes the installation of 20 Level 2 fleet chargers, six (6) fleet DC Fast Chargers and six (6) public DC Fast Chargers, fills a critical need for charging access in South Metro Atlanta, an area that has historically been an EV charging desert.

“The electric vehicle powertrain will be central in tomorrow’s ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared) future and the anticipated growth of high-utilization commercial fleets,” said Alex Fraser, AVP of Pivet, Cox Automotive Mobility. “Thanks to partners like Georgia Power, ChargePoint and the City of Atlanta, we’re building the infrastructure necessary to power the electrified fleet future, which has been a key focus area for our team since opening Pivet Atlanta last year.”

The turnkey design and build of the installation delivered by Georgia Power’s Utility Services is intended to primarily support fleet electrification, including but not limited to powering the Lyft Express Drive program currently operated out of Pivet Atlanta. The facility will also serve other fleets and OEMs in search of a charging solution on the city’s south side. The charging stations manufactured by ChargePoint have been set up on a time-of-use rate to provide low cost of fueling during off-peak hours. In addition, through ChargePoint’s vertically integrated cloud network services, Pivet Atlanta will be able to monitor and collect detailed data on charging sessions and station usage, helping gain a more comprehensive view of the charging needs and requirements of the users. This will also help track the need for further growth.   

“Georgia Power and Cox Automotive share a common goal in helping customers realize the financial and environmental benefits of fleet vehicle electrification,” said Darren Epps, electric transportation manager, Georgia Power. “The charging installation at Pivet Atlanta will serve as an educational tool as it supports the transition of fleets to cost-effective, zero-emission electric vehicles.”

In addition to handling today’s charging needs, capacity has been built into Georgia Power’s electric design for the anticipated EV expansion in the coming years. This includes the installation of DC Fast Chargers that can be combined to provide 125kW high-output charging for the larger batteries of the future. Parking spaces at the Pivet Atlanta facility have also been designed to accommodate larger commercial fleet vehicles, such as electric delivery vans and trucks. 

“Cox Automotive is a leading and collaborative voice in Atlanta for electric vehicle deployment and charging,” said Tim Echols, vice-chairman of the Georgia Public Service Commission. “They are investing millions of dollars to make the vehicles work for commuters, rideshare and fleet customers.”

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