Press Release

Electric Last Mile and Geotab Inc. announce partnership

Partnership to support rollout of ELMS AIR connectivity suite and deliver advanced, turnkey telematics solutions to fleet managers

Electric Last Mile, Inc. and Geotab Inc. announced their partnership to deliver a factory-installed connectivity solution that will equip ELMS customers with the data they need to assist manage and optimize their vehicles.

As part of the collaboration, ELMS plans to integrate Geotab’s GO9+ telematics solution into its Urban Delivery vehicle, which is anticipated to be the Class 1 commercial electric vehicle available in the U.S. market. Geotab’s GO9+ device will help enable high-speed connectivity and allow fleet managers access to ELMS AIR, ELMS’ in-development connectivity and data analytics suite, which is anticipated to provide fleets with full visibility of their Urban Delivery vehicles in near real time.

Powered by Geotab, ELMS AIR will provide fleet managers with a single view of their entire fleet to assist better analyze fleet-generated data, from GPS tracking, road speed and charging status to battery state of charge and more. Geotab and ELMS are further collaborating on technology that is focused on enabling the GO9+ to assist fleet managers with access to the ELMS AIR over-the-air technology solution.

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