Jaguar launches Go I-PACE app to make users understand how an EV would fit into their day-to-day lives

Jaguar has launched an intelligent app named Go I-PACE that informs the users the potential cost savings, battery would be used per trip and and charges they would need in a week if they were driving the I-PACE.

The app also tells how many journeys, if any, would have needed a stop to charge the EV’s advanced Lithium-ion battery.

The users can enter the real-world fuel economy of their existing vehicle to calculate the cost savings switching to the I-PACE would deliver.

The app is compatible with Apple operating systems and runs in the background. It uses the device’s location services to track individual journeys. It can also distinguish between different modes of transport to make sure it collects accurate data, even prompting users to confirm that individual trips were made by car for unusual routes – for instance on journeys made by cycling rather than behind the wheel.

Once enough journeys have been logged, the app estimates the range drivers can expect to achieve from a full charge. An interactive map allows users to search for the nearest charging points along a chosen route or within a local area. Calculations are based on accredited data sources, using national monthly electricity, petrol and diesel costs from market-appropriate government information.

It can be hard for drivers to understand how an EV would fit into their day-to-day lives. The Go I-PACE app makes this possible by providing personalised information about how the Jaguar I-PACE could work for them based on real-world data.

Source: Press Release



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