A lack of knowledge contributing to the slow adoption of EVs: AAA

Despite many Americans having interest in electric vehicles, when asked if most vehicles will be electric by 2029, only 4 in 10 respond positively, AAA’s latest survey reveals. It is intriguing as a separate study AAA conducted earlier this year found that more than half of Americans believe that in this same timeframe most cars will have the ability to drive themselves – a reality that is much less likely to happen.

AAA believes that similar to other emerging technologies, a lack of knowledge and experience may be contributing to the slow adoption of electric vehicles despite Americans’ desire to go green.

Although most Americans don’t believe electric vehicles will be on the road in masses in the next 10 years, AAA did find that 40 million Americans say they would be likely to consider an electric vehicle for their next car purchase, with Millennials leading the pack.

The survey finds that previous objections to buying electric with regards to price and range anxiety continue to ease and have trended downward significantly:

• Concern that there are not enough places to charge – down 11 percentage points from 2017
• Concern about running out of charge when driving – down 11 percentage points from 2017
• Higher cost of battery repair or replacement – down 8 percentage points from 2017
• Higher purchase price – down 6 percentage points from 2017

AAA’s annual survey that tracks opinions regarding electric and hybrid vehicles found that while consumer interest remains steady, Americans may not have a solid understanding of electric vehicle performance, which may be giving consumers pause when it comes to considering electric for their next purchase. For instance, electric vehicles, unlike those running on gas, do better in stop and go traffic because the car can recapture energy to charge the battery when decelerating. However, AAA’s survey found that a majority of Americans (59 percent) were unsure of whether electric vehicles have better range when driving at highways speeds or in stop and go traffic. This demonstrates that many consumers are not sure what to expect from an electric vehicle in two of the most common driving scenarios.

A telephone omnibus survey was conducted April 4-7, 2019. A total of 1,000 interviews were completed among adults, 18 years of age or older.

Source: Press Release, AAA


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