Bosch forms an alliance with Powercell

Bosch is entering the market for mobile fuel cells and has formed an alliance with Powercell Sweden AB, the Swedish manufacturer of fuel-cell stacks.

The companies will together work to further improve and manufacture stacks that are one crucial component of fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electrical energy.

Under the agreement, the two partners will work jointly to make the polymer-electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell ready for production. Bosch will then manufacture this technology under license for the global automotive market.

The company also aims to pave the way for the breakthrough of this technology in trucks and cars. The stack will complement the Bosch portfolio of fuel-cell components and is to be launched in 2022 at the latest. The company believes that over the long term, the mobile fuel-cell business is potentially worth billions of euros as it estimates that as much as 20 percent of all electric vehicles worldwide will be powered by fuel cells by 2030.

With the proliferation of EVs to take place the cost of fuel-cell systems needs to be progressively reduced. The biggest cost item is the stack. It accounts for nearly two-thirds of the total cost of a fuel-cell system. Powercell, with its 60 associates, is gradually moving from manual production of fuel cell stacks to ramp-up of a semi-automatic production. The company claims to have developed cutting edge fuel cell technology and its stacks provide an output of up to 125 kilowatts. Therefore for Bosch alliance with the company would be beneficial and expand its presence in this new market.

Source: Press Release


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