Canoo Introduces First Subscription-Only Electric Vehicle

Canoo, the Los Angeles based company creating electric vehicles (EV) for subscription only, has unveiled its first model, simply called canoo. The design is different from the traditional automotive shape and provides significantly more interior space, and capitalizes on EV architecture. The vehicle has range of 250 miles (EPA rating) and can reach an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes, according to the company.

By offering a hassle- and commitment-free EV subscription for one monthly, affordable price and with no set end date the company frees the customers from problems related to ownership. The subscription may include services such as registration, maintenance, insurance management and charging—all from a single app. Thus the company brings the convenience and affordability of the well-known month-to-month subscription model to the car industry, providing consumers with the convenience and value they deserve.

The vehicle is also different from traditional cars designwise as it maximizes the unique benefits of EV technology. The minimalist design provides the vehicles with alarge interior and very small overall footprint, making it perfect for city use.

The vehicle also claims to provide subscribers with an experience comparable to a connected home as the user can bring their own device, which is naturally personalized, intuitive and secure. Therefore, the non-driving features such as navigation, music or heating can be controlled via phone or tablet to be consistent with the user’s daily connected life.

Apart from this canoo also integrates two commonly used technologies—advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring—to enable the car to better protect the driver from roadside distractions. The vehicle utilizes seven cameras, five radars, and 12 ultrasonic sensors for this purpose

The canoo will be the first true steer-by-wire vehicle on the market without a hardware connection between the steering wheel and wheels. This means the canoo steers by electric signals only. The system is fully redundant meeting the highest safety standards and comes with immediate and long-term benefits. Steer-by-wire offers weight savings and paves the way for autonomous driving.

Since early 2019, the company has been testing separate parts of the vehicle technology for engineering and production validation. Immediately after the unveiling, Canoo plans to kick-off a beta testing period in which all functionalities and components will be tested together in a fleet of custom-built canoo validation vehicles. During this time, development engineers will evaluate the interplay of all parts and systems in Q4 of 2019, before the focus will change towards launch and production.

After the official unveiling at its headquarters, Canoo will also be presenting its vehicle to the public at two events.

Source: Press Release


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